Design Thinking Course for Adults 55+

Together with our partners from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), School of Management and Law, we are currently developing an e-learning course on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” for adults 55+. Within this framework, we now have the great opportunity to offer you a “Design Thinking” course (from Sparkademy). Design Thinking is a way of thinking about fostering innovation by identifying needs or challenges of a target group and then finding solutions for them. The course includes e-learning as well as working on the project together with a learning group on site in Zurich. You will receive timely feedback from the course leader on the (interim) results in order to further develop and improve the project.

Perhaps you would like to work intensively with others on an idea or develop it further? It doesn’t matter whether you bring in an idea yourself or whether you enjoy the joint process of development and would like to get involved.

For detailed information please download the flyer and the course overview.

E-Learning Course on Digitalization

Digital processes are the foundation of our society today. To understand our digitalised world as a whole, an understanding of digitalization is of utmost importance. This requires basic digital skills.

This 14-week e-learning course is originally developed by the Digital Society Initiative at the University of Zurich and it is an introduction into the broad and complex subject of digitalization and teaches basic digital skills from an interdisciplinary perspective. We are currently adapting the course in line with the interests and needs of adults above the age of 55.

The course consists of four modules:

  • Module 1: Data and Information
  • Module 2: Digital Society
  • Module 3: Programming and Computational Thinking
  • Module 4: Digital Work

The e-learning course will be launched continuously, starting with the first module “Data and Information” in 2024.

English Lecture Series

We launched our English lecture series with the first talk by Prof. Nancy Pachana from Australia. The goal of this lecture series is to connect to aging researchers from around the world and hear about important research and new developments all around the topics of adult development and healthy longevity.

Refinding Eden: A new look at a holistic model of care for older persons – Prof. Nancy Pachana

Prof. Nancy Pachana is a clinical geropsychologist, neuropsychologist and professor in the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland. She is Director of the Healthy Aging Initiative in the Health & Behavioural Sciences Faculty, and Program Lead of the Age Friendly University Initiative, at University of Queensland.

Abstract of the talk: What is important for older people later in life should be able to be carried forward into how they live in their later years, even, perhaps especially, if this is in a nursing home. In this talk, Prof. Pachana discussed the Eden Alternative Model – a model that aims to enrich the lives of all who live and work in the nursing home environment. The presence of children, gardens, pets and a philosophy of meaning, autonomy and respect have been fundamental to this framework. Prof. Pachana discussed the Eden Alternative and her views on potential meaningful updates of the model going forward.

Short Interview with Prof. Pachana