E-learning course on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Today, one in four founders is already 50 years old or older when they become self-employed. Thus, together with our partners from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), School of Management and Law, we are currently developing an e-learning course on the topic of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

To ensure that the content actually corresponds to the reality of life and the interests of older learners, we have committed ourselves to the principle of co-development.

  • Pilot study on Design Thinking: A group of learners tested a course on Design Thinking and successfully applied the knowledge to their own projects. The feedback will now be incorporated into the development.
  • Interactive workshops: This is where we regularly discuss the required content and methods. The commitment and expertise of our 60+ learners are inspiring and help us to develop a tailored course.
f.l.t.r.: Josef Annen, Sina Berger (ZHAW), Zeynep Erden (ZHAW), Ursula Reber, Stephan Fröhlich, Heinz Lienhart, Fari Malla

The course will be available at the end of 2024.

Read more about “Senior Entrepreneurship” in our blog or take part in our study on the topic.