Develop an Innovation & Entrepreneurship course with us

Together with our partners from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), School of Management and Law, we are currently developing an e-learning course on the topic of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. To ensure that the content actually corresponds to the reality of life and the interests of learners aged 55+, we have committed ourselves to the principle of co-development, i.e. feedback from the target group flows directly into the development in an interactive process.

To this end, we are now inviting people who are enthusiastic about learning and happy to share their experiences. Over a period of approx. 3 months from April to July, we will meet every 2 weeks for at least 2 hours for workshops. The aim is to exchange ideas about the course content and your entrepreneurial experiences, collect feedback on materials and exchange with younger generations. We will gather in a collaborative, stimulating environment for lifelong learning with like-minded people.

Interested? For more information, please have a look at our flyer or contact us at