Dr. Burcu Demiray
Founder & Managing Director


I am a lifespan developmental psychologist by training and the founder of WiseLearn. I lead a research group at the Healthy Longevity Center (University of Zurich) and teach at the Department of Psychology (University of Zurich). My research program focuses on cognitive activities (e.g., learning, memory) and psychological well-being across adulthood. I use qualitative and quantitative methods, collect real world evidence (e.g., smartphone sensing, wearables) and use interdisciplinary approaches in data analytics (e.g., machine learning) to understand and promote healthy human development and longevity.

At the Healthy Longevity Center, I have positioned myself at the intersection of research and innovation, with the aim of fostering the translation of psychological research findings into social innovation. I mainly focus on research and innovation development in ed-tech, age-tech and digital health.

I have a Master’s degree in psychology and am currently working on my dissertation. At WiseLearn I am responsible for the technical implementation of the content on the e-learning platform: creating lecture modules for a new semester, publishing the recordings of lectures, or writing news pieces is part of it. I also support the users of the platform via e-mail and phone helpline if there are difficulties or questions. In addition, I support our own research projects and evaluate the feedback provided on our offers.


Anja Vandersmissen
Platform Manager

Kathrin Inerle
Researcher &
Content Developer

I studied Social Work and Religious Education in my Bachelor’s degree (Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg) and was afterwards employed in church-based, informal educational work. Subsequently, I completed a Master’s degree in Gerontology (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg). I wrote my thesis on social elements in e-learning. At WiseLearn I am now responsible for the development of e-learning courses, for the implementation of our quality standards and for member support.


I studied psychology at the University of Bern and the University of Zurich and specialized in health psychology and gerontopsychology due to my interest in health and well-being across the lifespan. I am currently part of several applied research projects in the research group of Dr. Burcu Demiray, focusing on lifelong learning and ageism. At WiseLearn, I am responsible for the development of e-learning courses and for the management of our co-development community.


Miriam Wallimann
Researcher &
Content Developer

Remo Pianezzi
Research & Community

Shortly after my final degree as a surveying engineer I taught surveying at a technical college and arithmetic at a vocational school. This was followed by over 30 years in the IT sector in a large company where I was initially responsible for IT training and end-user support. Also in my later functions education was always a central concern for me.

Standing still is not an option. Since my retirement, I have been a member of the Senior Citizens’ University of Zurich, where I attend the always interesting lectures on a wide variety of topics. I am convinced that lifelong learning is crucial to remain mentally fit. I try to make my contribution so that older people can cope with modern technology as well as digitalization, which increasingly permeate our everyday lives.


I am Aurel Müller, student in communication sciences and media research at the University of Zurich. I am responsible for the livestream of the weekly lectures and the technical support of the lecturers. My tasks are to make sure that everything works technically, both for the people on site and in Zoom. In addition, I do my best to ensure that the lecturers can concentrate on the content of their lectures.

Aurel Müller
IT Support

Fabienne Joos

I am currently in the last year of my Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Zurich. I am writing my Master’s thesis in the WiseLearn project with Dr. Burcu Demiray as my supervisor. In my Master’s thesis, I am investigating the extent to which social elements in e-learning influence learning performance. At WiseLearn, I advise seniors university members of Zurich and Lucerne via phone on how to use the WiseLearn platform and help develop e-learning courses for people over 60.


Prof. Mike Martin
Professor in Gerontology

Dr. Sandra Oppikofer
Business &
Innovation Development

Max-Peter Felchlin
Business Development

Former Members

Oliver Hliddal – IT Support
Pia Tremel – Intern
Cornelia Ursprung – Research Support
Irena Stanisic – Intern