Ongoing Development of our WiseLearn Platform

Involvement of seniors: It is important to us to constantly develop and receive direct feedback from those to whom our online learning platform and e-learning courses are directed. Therefore, we involve seniors in the development in various ways.

Workshops: To facilitate access for users with less online and computer experience, we offer various workshops supporting users to learn new things about the platform and also about the video conference tool ZOOM.

New functions and improvements on the platform: Together with our IT-partners such as MaxBrain, we develop new functions and technical improvements directly on the platform. These include, for example, the intuitive design of the user interface.

Focus groups: A fundamental pillar of our research work is the implementation of so-called “usability tests” in focus groups. Here, team members observe how seniors navigate the platform and through the e-learning courses. In this way, barriers and challenges can be identified and accessibility improved.

Surveys: Surveys on the platform and in the e-learning courses provide us with valuable knowledge about users’ suggestions for improvement and the challenges they face.

Research Projects

Insights into the research work of Burcu Demiray