Do you use ChatGPT and do you want to learn about it?

Target group: all

Duration: approx. 8 minutes

We would like to know whether and how ChatGPT is used, what barriers you see and whether you would like to learn something about it. Your answers will help us to develop educational offers relating to digitalization.

Workplace training and motivation to learn – what’s the status quo?

Target group: Employees 50+

Duration: approx. 15 minutes

In this survey, we are interested in your experiences with training in the workplace as well as your motivation to learn and your attitude towards aging.

To learners 60+: Why and how do you learn?

Target group: Learners 60+

Duration: approx. 15 minutes

In this survey, we ask what motivates you as a learner aged 60+, what learning experience you have and which attitudes you have towards e-learning. Your opinions will help us to design WiseLearn optimally according to your wishes. Thank you very much.