The podcast by and for curious senior citizens
by Paul Kühne, Remo Pianezzi und Martin Färber

During 20 minutes, we discuss moving life topics, talk to experts about healthy ageing or pick up on exciting content with other members of Seniors University in Switzerland. We are inspired by our enthusiasm for lifelong learning, our thirst for knowledge and our experiences at the Seniors University Zurich.

The podcast is in Swiss German.

Episode 2 – Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, Martin Färber talks to Paul Kühne about artificial intelligence for speech and communication. He asks what fears, risks and opportunities exist and how Paul himself deals with them.

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Episode 1Train Journey to Retirement

In this episode, Remo Pianezzi talks to Paul Kühne about his “train journey” to retirement. Questions about how he planned it and how he is now organising his “exit” are discussed.

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