Exchange of lectures between Zurich and Lucerne

WiseLearn Plattform/ December 14, 2021

Thanks to the cooperation of the Seniors Universities of Zurich and Lucerne with WiseLearn, we have the unique opportunity to share selected lectures among the two seniors universities. By the end of each semester during the lecture-free period, the lectures are shared on our e-learning platform and made available to members.

Here are some examples of exchanged lectures:

  • Personality and Healthy Aging (by Prof. Dr. Mathias Allemand).
  • Modern therapies for cardiac arrhythmias (by Prof. Dr. med. Sacha Salzberg)
  • Generational Change in the Middle East – All New or Just a Façade? (by Erich Gysling)
  • Viruses – More Friend than Foe (by Prof. em. Dr. Karin Moelling)