We are developing a course on innovation and entrepreneurship for learners 60+

WiseLearn Plattform/ May 6, 2024

Together with our collaborators at ZHAW School of Management and Law, we are developing an e-learning course specifically designed to meet the needs and desires of older learners. In our first two interactive workshops, we have already gained valuable insights and discussed important topics. The commitment and expertise of our senior learners are inspiring and will contribute significantly to the success of the project.

A big thank you to all involved!

f.l.t.r.: Josef Annen, Sina Berger (ZHAW), Zeynep Erden (ZHAW), Ursula Reber, Stephan Fröhlich, Heinz Lienhart, Fari Malla
After the work was done,
there was also a cozy part.