Age discrimination influences learning intention of older employees

WiseLearn Plattform/ May 29, 2024

Despite the necessity for continuous skill acquisition and upgrading due to technological advancements, companies often neglect the training and development of older employees. This is for example attributed to higher costs, lower motivation, and learning capacities – reasons which are often linked to ageism regarding older employees.

The recent master’s thesis by Irena Stanisic explored the attitudes towards aging and participation in work-related training among 207 participants aged between 50 and 70. The study found that attitudes towards learning influence the desire to participate in continuing education. These attitudes are, in turn, affected by age discrimination.

The thesis effectively demonstrated (once again) the extensive consequences of ageism at the workplace. Our campaign, #Let’sEndAgeism, aims to address this issue among others. Furthermore, Maxine Knöpfel will conduct a study to understand the motivations of individuals aged 55 and above starting their own businesses. It is plausible to hypothesize that age discrimination in their previous workplaces could influence their decision to become entrepreneurs.

If you are a Senior Entrepreneur or if you know any, please join our study or share our call for participation.